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Tuesday Apr 13, 2021

In a stressful world, music provides teenagers with a safe space. Songs express feelings and experiences, helping teens navigate their emotions and providing them a creative outlet.

Friday Apr 09, 2021

From concerts to holiday celebrations, the pandemic put a pause on many traditions for students and their families including the somewhat trivial yet nevertheless important pastime of vacationing for break. After a year of staying at home with family and remaining socially distanced with friends, several U-High students took the opportunity of a lull in COVID-19 cases and optimistic news surrounding vaccinations to plan safe travels for themselves and their families over spring break.

Thursday Apr 08, 2021

Tattoos are extremely popular in today's society, and they'll be on your skin forever. We see them on celebrities, activists and even your neighbor. A handful of U-High students have taken great interest in the idea of tattoos, how to get them to get them and why. 

Wednesday Apr 07, 2021

With social media more prevalent in teenagers' lives than ever, this audio story explores some of the negative aspects of apps like Instagram. A counselor shares the psychological effects of social media, and a student tells how they attempt to spread light, rather than negativity, on these platforms.

Wednesday Apr 07, 2021

Every year there is conflict between pitchers and hitters when a hitter flips his bat after a homerun. Fans are not shy about taking sides.

Tuesday Apr 06, 2021

As a teenagers growing up in an age of growing environmental awareness, it’s easy to get caught between caring about the environment and not knowing what steps to take to make a difference. What does it really mean for an average person to live sustainably and for teenagers to actively show care for the environment? 

Tuesday Apr 06, 2021

How have student-teacher interactions changed? How are students establishing relationships with teachers they have never met in person before, and how are teachers getting to know the 20 small faces on their screen? The awkwardness of synchronous sessions leading to a magnified importance of office hours seems to be part of the answer, but the subtle things matter. 

Tuesday Apr 06, 2021

True Crime is a peculiar yet incredibly popular genre. Podcasts, videos, TV shows, and movies are only growing in popularity, especially among teenagers. What interests people about True Crime, and what affect can the genre have?

Monday Apr 05, 2021

The composer Carlo Gesualdo used his life experiences and musical innovations to bring new levels of expression to Italian Renaissance music. Centuries later, it connects to us because we have entered a state of common suffering through the pandemic, and we can look to his example of using art for expression. This podcast includes a public domain performance from the MIT Chamber Chorus via Wikimedia.

Monday Apr 05, 2021

Though the statement that the younger generation will change the world may be said with good intentions, it often feels performative and an excuse made by adults.

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